Volkswagen diesel scandal in the courts

Staff Photo by Dan Henry / Volkswagen Chattanooga Chief Executive Officer Christian Koch unveiled the new Volkswagen Atlas to employees during a quarterly all-team meeting last week. The Atlas will be in production late this year and hit dealerships in spring 2017. Photo by Dan Henry /Times Free Press.

Three German media say that the court has charged a number of Volkswagen executives for tens of billions of euros of damages. The Brunswick City Prosecutor’s Office recently sued several executives, including former Volkswagen CEO.

According to the Deutsche Welle, the German automobile giants’ scandal is steadily wider, and the number of Volkswagen executives is apparently heavier than it has ever been reflected in the media.

Based on joint research by two NDR and WDR television networks and the Zoddvichy newspaper, the Brunswick City Prosecutor’s Office has charged a number of Volkswagen executives with tens of billions of euros worth of damages to the company.

The German Federal Attorney General’s Office said four days ago (Monday, April 15th) that five of Volkswagen’s senior executives were charged with fraudulent tax evasion, fraudulent evidences and false accusations due to the scandal of diesel engines.

Among the defendants was the name of Martin Wintersorner, former director of the Volkswagen Corporation, but the Prosecutor’s Office refused to disclose the names of all the accused because of the fact that this case was ongoing.

Third of VW cars affected by the emissions scandal still not fixed

According to the German media, three of these directors have been accused of damaging Volkswagen’s nearly € 78 billion. The two have argued that from the beginning of the manipulation of diesel engine software, they have been involved in less than realizing the actual emissions of gasses, with around 9 million vehicles in circulation during the course of their operation. This number is a large part of the total disputed cars.

Apparently, the damage that the prosecutor has raised is based on the estimates that Volkswagen diesel cars are worthy of 60 percent of the price sold in Europe with manipulated software and are completely worthless in the United States.

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