A father who considers educating his daughters a duty

Mr. Miyakhan, a resident of Paktika province, who spends his daughters five miles a day on a motorbike to school, waits outside the school for several hours so that his daughters can study and this continues normally.

Mia Khan Kaka says: “I did not study and I was working for the day, but it was very important for me to study in Dalwar. Because there is no female doctor in our area. So it is my great desire to study as sons and daughters.

Mr Miyakhan, who is currently assisted by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, brings his daughters to Nuriani Primary School every day. This is a great proof of people’s love for education in a suburban area.

One of his daughters, named Rosie, says: “I’m so happy to be in sixth grade this year, my father or brother brings us a motorbike to the school every day, and when we leave, we return home.

The three daughters of this elder’s uncle are now studying at Norania Nanjoo School; two of them are in the sixth and one daughter in the fifth grade; according to him, the school has chosen to study because of its outstanding education. Are.

Such enthusiasm for education in a border province of the country beyond insecurity and cultural limitations is a sign of positive change and change, and to respond to this point, the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan in Paktika province. Hundreds of rural classes and elementary schools have been activated that make up the majority of the students’ girls.

About 4 girls attend thirteenth grade at Nooria Noraniya School

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