An afghan song that shocked everyone

Khaama Press:

The prominent Afghan singer Farhad Darya has been appointed as Global Ambassador to the ‘Save The Children International’ organization.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was also signed between Darya and the country director of Save The Children International Ana Locsin on Wednesday.

Darya said he will work as a bridge between Save The Children International will help the organization and the vulnerable children of the country.

“I am proud to initiate for the first time the groundworks regarding discussions on children rights, specifically the rights of needy children in Afghanistan,” Darya said.

He also added that unusual and widespread discussions regarding the right of children would be made with millions of citizens of the country in a bid to create awareness regarding the ‘major wounds’ of the little citizens of the country.

Darya also called on world leaders, specifically on Afghan leaders to start evolution from the lives of children and specially the deprived children to create a world free of violence.

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