An explosion reported in the Capital of Afghanistan

Kabul hit by another attack today, Photo: Social Media

Afghan security sources confirmed an explosion in central Kabul.

According to Interior Ministry / Afghanistan spokesman Nasrat Rahimi, an explosion occurred near the Ministry of Communications and Technology of Afghanistan at noon at 12:00 local time today.

In a conversation with Mahfouz Zubaidi, the BBC correspondent, he confirmed that after the bombing, armed invaders entered the Ministry of Communications and are now involved with the security forces.

Photo: Social Media, 20-04-2019

According to him, the area is now besieged by security forces and operations are in place.

The Afghanistan Telecommunication Ministry is located in the center of the city, the most crowded part in downtown Kabul. The five-star Kabul Serena Hotel, which has repeatedly targeted the armed opposition, is also in this area.

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