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Did you know Farzana Naz?

Farzana Naz a female Afghan artist, born at March 1991 in Baghlan Afghanistan, she at the beginnings started as a presenter at Afghan TV at 2011, ended by 2012. The first song she sang was “Kala Naz Kala Ghosa” in 2010.

So far she has released 8 video and 30 audio tracks and she was granted award of the year at Global Village Dubai at 10,02,2017, furtherly she has received the most suspicious awards in New-Delhi and Frankfurt Germany.

She has lively performed in Lashkar-Ghah Helmand, Balkh, Mazar Sharif, US Embassy Kabul, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Moscow, Astana, and Her Dual song is with Tahir Shubab titled Lala.

Her popular concert in Lashkar-Ghah Helmand had 12000 attendees, which was out of expectation.

Farzana Naz the Afghan Female Singer
Social Media: Fb, Farzana Naz

Her poplar songs are Qarsak, Shamal, Kala Naz Kala Ghosa, Bazari Janan, and Baran.

Her first motivator toward Music was her father, and she was trained by Master Ali Haidar and Sadiq Sameer in this context.

Her Favorite Afghan Singers are, Shabana Mehryar, Muzhda Jamalzada, and Farhad Darya, from Tajikistan she likes Mahira Tahiri, Arijit Singh & Shreya Ghoshal from India and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan from Pakistan.

Farzana Naz assisting poor people across the country

Her Favorite Music is pop and she mostly sings in Pashto & Dari Languages, her favorite poet is Shoaib Surkhroadi.

Her hobbies are horse-riding, Soccer, Tourism, shopping, watching Bollywood movies and games.

She is currently living in Mumbai India and attending a private institute of Music learning.