Hasib Sayed, “All the women are crazy.”

Aryana Sayeed is considered the most well-known and most established Female Artist and a Champion of Women/Human Rights of Afghanistan’s current generation. Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Aryana left the country of her birth at an early age due to the long lasting civil war;initially migrating to Pakistan with her family and after a brief relocation to Switzerland, eventually settled in her current hometown of London, England. From an early age, Aryana believed she could deliver a message of peace, love, unity and empowerment through the power of music. Since formally proceeding with a career as a Female Artist in 2009, Aryana has won multiple awards;including Best Female Artist of Afghanistan on numerous occasions and many other artistic and non-artistic awards. Amongst her other notable accomplishments, the Atlantic Council Freedom Award, Afghan Icon Award, Voice of Afghanistan and Bravery Awards by the Government of Afghanistan and The Most Influential Woman of the Year Award are considered as some of her biggest achievements. Through her powerful voice and impactful lyrics coupled with her relentless activism and advocacy, Aryana has been a Role Model and empowered millions of Afghan Women in Afghanistan and other parts of the world While successfully continuing her career as a Star Artist and Celebrity of Afghanistan, Aryana is also currently serving the role of the Cancer Awareness Ambassador and is involved in various charitable activities. Over the past few years, Aryana has been spending majority of her time inside Afghanistan while serving as a Coach on the internationally known talent show The Voice and as a Judge on Afghanistan’s biggest TV show The Afghan Star. In 2018, she also served as an International Judge on CBS USA’s The World’s Best. Aryana’s current aspirations and dreams include a peaceful Afghanistan, building a Maternity Hospital for the Afghan Women and focusing on education for Afghan girls.

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