Kabul Polytechnic University with advanced Laboratory for its Hydraulics Department

Photo: Fb/Mohammad Sayeed Kakar

Based on an agreement between the USWDP administration and the Kabul Polytechnic University, in order to measure the hydraulics of hydropower engineering and hydrometeorological facilities and to increase the capacity of students and professors to gain practical experience.

The laboratory of this department contains new technology and tools.

In this newly installed equipment lab, theoretical general hydraulics lessons can be covered by more than 80%.

At the same time, the second laboratory will be planning to build physical models for elements and models for hydraulic structures, which was completed two weeks later, and equipping this lab will enable students and professors to provide various structural elements in the drill, and do research on their built-in modules with the help of these devices.

KPU Photo: fb/Mohammad Sayeed Kakar
KPU Photo: Fb/Mohammad Sayeed Kakar

KPU director, Mohammad Sayeed Kakar Thanked the international colleagues from the USWDP, Fhi360, Nebraska School of Management, UNO / UNL, the USAID International Assistance Mission and respected professors, in particular, the dear chairman of the faculty, Mohammad Nasim Nasimi.

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