Mike Pompeo Talked with President Ghani

Mike Pompeo to President Ghani;

If the Taliban continue the violence, we support the Afghan forces

President Ghani has spoken to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about peace and Taliban prisoners. Presidential spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said both sides had discussed peace and the release of Taliban prisoners and emphasized that the United States stands with Afghanistan in the face of threats. Siddiqui says Mike Pompeo praised President Ghani’s decision, saying that if the Taliban pursues violence instead of Hassan-e-Nayat, the United States stands with Afghan forces. Both sides have emphasized that the war on terror will continue and will not allow Afghanistan to once again become a terrorist hub. US President Donald Trump’s national security adviser also spoke with President Ghani and praised the Afghan forces’ efforts to overthrow ISIS. He assured that the US stands beside the Afghan government and will not allow terrorist groups to find a foothold in this country.

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