More than 20 million Afghans use mobile phones

Afghan women using Mobile devices

Communication technology is an indispensable principle of modern humans and the Internet in the necessity of human life. With the Internet, the world has become a village and everyday we witness new systems and more facilities in the world is introduced.

Afghanistan, as a transitional country, has, in recent years, tried to keep the caravan moving quickly into the movement of the information age. Ministry of Telecommunications officials says the Ministry has made significant progress in expanding communications and communications services.

Photo/TAF Afghanistan

“The number of people who use mobile phones or cell phones has grown to 20 million tons so far,” said AmirzaiSangin, the former minister of telecommunications and information technology in Afghanistan.

He added that now all public and private telecommunication companies are able to supply the services of the Internet and Trigg and Gmail, and are constantly striving to provide more convenience to users.

According to him, for the purpose of healthy competition and expansion of Internet services, Afghan Telecom, a state-owned telecommunications company, has signed a $ 32 million contract with Zaid-Tay Company.

“We signed a contract with Zaid-Tay Company for the sake of obtaining better Internet services and obtaining more equipment from GSM and Terry, covering 700 telecommunication towers,” he adds. “.


According to Mr. Sangin, a number of remote areas still do not have access to Internet services that Afghan Telecom is supposed to cover.

Afghan Telecom will invest $ 100 million in personal revenues for the development of telecommunication and internet services over the next two years.

Mr. Sangin says the company has achieved many successes. “Afghan Telecom today is a successful company, which now has more than $ 60 million in cash at the bank,” he said. The biggest revenue from Afghan Telecom has been “Fiber Channel.”

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Meanwhile, Gul Ahmad Rastman, former chairman of the Afghan Telecom company, underlined that the company is committed to the expansion of telecommunication services to the people of Afghanistan.

“34 provinces of Afghanistan and 45,000 villages are currently covered by Afghan Telecom services,” he added. WiMAX services will also be provided through Afghan Telecom to 34 provinces of Afghanistan. “

According to Mr.Rastman, Afghan Telecom is now set to compete on the market as an independent company and is ready to provide a wide and standard service to the people of Afghanistan.

Currently, in addition to government telecommunications companies, several telecom companies and private Internet services are also operating in Afghanistan.

In 2012, the country ranked among the countries that offered many facilities for communication services to its citizens, but still, people are dissatisfied with the rates of calling these companies and the price of the Internet.

According to statistics provided by the ministry, over the past ten years, approximately $ 1.8 billion has been invested in the telecom sector in Afghanistan.

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