One GB Internet will be only 0.6$ (49 Afs) in Afghanistan

Shahzad Aryubi, Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology of Afghanistan, presented in a press conference on the 10 percent taxes of telecommunication services. He added that a joint committee consisting of the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Finance and the ATRA has been monitoring the process since the beginning of this framework and 15 billion Afghanis has been added to the national income of the country.  He said that the process of establishing the system of real-time data management has begun and that the relative equipment and technology will be allocated to the country very soon, which will be shared with the nation.

Photo: GMIC Afghanistan

Where is Atra?

About the “Where is Atra?” He said that he is seriously pursuing this issue, and ATRA has made 20 commitments with the people in solving the problems of telecommunications and the Internet. “One of them was a toll-free number for complaints which they did.  On the other hand, The remaining 19 promises are not fulfilled. We are giving them an opportunity to serve the 19th commitments within one month, otherwise, we ask the government’s leadership to bring ATRA under The authorization of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for certain reforms.

Relatively, The Minister of Communications also said that the price of Internet packages of 1GB mobile data with the Afghan Telecom will be reduced to 49 Afs only. Furthermore, He added that “If telecommunication networks and Internet companies discount their prices to the users, we are ready to pay 40% discount through the Afghan Telecom company”

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Illegal Sim cards:

Aryubi also seriously called on the telecoms networks to collect illegal SIMs to prevent the sale of SIM cards illegally and to collect non-registered SIM cards from the market; otherwise, legal action would be taken.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has collected a total of 24,979 SIM cards from the beginning of the campaign to collect illegal SIM cards from March 28 to today, and this campaign is still ongoing in all provinces of Afghanistan.

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