School Textbooks collection Tent in Herat

HERAT, 13 June 2016 - Hundreds of Afghan female high school students in eastern Herat listen to advice from three women role models. The women urged the girls not to be daunted by the social challenges they will face and to take an active role in society. Photo UNAMA / Fraidoon Poya.

A young man in Herat has launched a weekly collection of books to prevent the schoolbook from getting disappeared, so it will distribute it to the students in need after it is collected.

Nawid Danesh Ghafouri, a civil activist in Herat province, said today that the campaign aimed at assisting needy families who do not have the ability to buy schoolbooks. During the ceremony of collecting books in Chawk Farhang of Herat City and the beginning of the campaign, it attracted the attention of many Herat residents and inspired many others to participate.

These eight books are samples of more than 40,000 textbooks written in Pashtu distributed to Afghan school children in five districts in Paktika province by the provincial education department with the help of the development team from Task Force Currahee, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division April 8-25. Photo: 1st Lt. Emily Chilson

“By launching this campaign, we will collect the books stored in the homes that are not usable there, but another one that needs, it will be re-distributed to them through the school.”

He also noted that in addition to educational textbooks, information books are also accepted and will be delivered to schools as reference books.

This Tent in the center of the city resulted in many donated to this volunteer group.

A number of citizens who donated several volumes of the book to this program emphasize that the launch of such campaigns could reduce the shortage of books in Herat schools.

Jalil Feyzian, a donor of books, said launching such programs is effective for the proper use of books and educational materials stored at home and not used.

He added: “This is very good work, and it needs to be built up, helping children with deprived families by collecting textbooks.”

Another book donor, Mahmoud Joya, said: “Before the educational curriculum changes and discarding of these books, it’s very good to have these books available to students who do not have books.”

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Afghan female students participate in a theatre performance at a school in Herat, eastern Afghanistan. The series of UNAMA-backed theatrical performances reached thousands of female school students with information about women’s rights. Photo UNAMA / Fraidoon Poya.

“I had a lot of books at home and brought it to other country mates that did not have the luxury to use these books,” Barakatullah Allah Rahimi, a book donor in the educational book collection campaign, said.

The participants called on all people to contribute to the campaign by donating school textbooks they have at home.

The campaign is launched when school students in the province are currently suffering from a shortage of books.

Earlier, officials at the Herat Education Directorate at the ceremony of the beginning of a new educational year called the shortage of textbooks one of the challenges of the schools in this province.

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