Six explosions occurred in Sri Lanka; the death toll reached 130 people

The number of casualties in the capital of Sri Lanka and other cities in the country, been raising and based on last reports, the explosions killed at least 138 people and injured 400 people.

Explosions in Srilanka
Sri Lankan police stand at the site of an explosion in a restaurant area of the Shangri-La Hotel. AFP

AP has reported that at least 138 people were killed and 400 were injured as a result of the April morning explosions on Sunday morning in three churches and three hotels in the capital of Colombo, Sri Lanka and several other cities.

Explosions Srilanka
Security personal stand guard. EPA

The six blasts occurred in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, the Ngombo City, the majority of which are Christian, and the eastern city of Batikoluya, at three hotels and three churches at the same time as Easter in the country.

According to the security officials of the Shangri-La, Kingibri and Cinemond Grand hotels, they were also attacked in the capital.

But so far no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

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