The Afghan Presidential Elections will require 200 Million Dollars

Afghan Elections 2019

Election commission officials unload a ballot box with voting material outside a polling station in Kabul [Omar Sobhani/Reuters]

The Afghan Independent Election Commission (IEC) has announced that the primary budget for the Afghan presidential elections of 2019 is approximately $ 192 million.

Mawlana Mohammad Abdullah, a member of the commission said it was supposed that Afghanistan Government would also take part in facilitating these expenditures along with international institutions.

“The two agencies are partners, but their cooperation is conditional on a specific election process plan being provided by the election commission,” he said.

It was said earlier that there were problems with presidential election funding, and a number of donor agencies had provided funding for this process subject to reforms and transparency.

Afghan Elections 2019

Afghan employees of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) wait to register residents/Image: Gandhara RFE/RL

The Afghan presidential election is scheduled to take place on the 28th of September this year.

 The Afghan parliamentary elections, held last year, costed about $ 120 million, with only $ 11 million from the Afghan government revenues.

The most costly part of the Afghan election the purchase and transportation of election materials, the provision of equipment and salaries for employees.

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