The Ministry of Communications announced the possibility of blocking Facebook in the country

Facebook Afghanistan Banned

The Ministry of Telecommunication Information and Technology of Afghanistan has announced that it has given six months to Facebook to comply with Afghan government policies and laws. The ministry warns that if Facebook does not comply with Afghanistan’s policies and laws, it will “completely” stop Facebook activity in Afghanistan.

Shahzada Gul Aryubi, minister of Telecommunication Information and Technologyof the country, said on Saturday, 24th, at a news conference, that the ministry has prepared a policy for observing the privacy and culture of the people as well as the effective use of social networks, communicated to Facebook through diplomatic channels and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to put this policy on Facebook users in the country.

According to the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology, according to a new ministry’s policy of using social networks, all fake Facebooks should be blocked, activating the Facebook account by submitting documents and avoiding misuse of Facebook.

Shahzada Gul Aryubiadded: “We must officially warn Facebook through the Ministry of Foreign affairs to respect Afghan laws. Registration on this social network must be done on the basis of documents. It must not be the case that anyone who wants to open an account, and they are able to do it, without providing an official identity proof. “The minister of telecommunications further said that fake Facebook accounts made in Afghanistan or ones used incorrectly should be closed; otherwise, the Ministry of Telecommunications will take action in this field.


Mr.Aryubi stated that many users are misusing the free space on Facebook and violating the privacy of other people. According to him, in social networks, the posts are often contrary to the national, religious and cultural values ​​of the country, and it has further threatened the security of the people. He added that continuity of this process is unacceptable for the Ministry of Communications and national security and national values, that ​​are very important for the Afghan government.

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The Ministry of Telecommunication Information and Technology of the country announced on April 3 that a contract was signed between the Ministry of Communications and the Facebook Company. Based on this agreement, the Facebook Information Exchange Center is located inside the country and managed by the National Information Exchange Center (NIXA).

Prior to that, Facebook’s information exchange center was installed out of the country.

In the meantime, Facebook is one of the most utilized social networks used by citizens’ everyday on a daily basis. One of the serious concerns constantly raised by Facebook users is the lack of safety/security from using this social network.

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