Women rights have to be secured in the Afghan Peace Dialogues

Photo: Social Media

A number of Afghans in Holland in a peaceful demonstration calling for all sides in the Afghan Peace Talks to maintain women’s rights in the process after peace with the Taliban.

Afghan Women in the past 18 years had considerable growth and the Afghan constitution and the different governments in this period had massive campaigns to promote a women inclusive state.

Afghans in Holland seeking women rights to secured in the Peace talks
Photo: Social Media

Based on the Reports from the Asia Foundations, despite of efforts for increasing the numbers of Afghan women in Leadership, that toll had a decrease over the last two years.

Additionally, as good news, in the Quota for the Parliament seats named for the Women’s, surprisingly they held 27.7 % of the total seats, which 0.7% higher than that set by the Afghan Constitution.

FIG. 3: Q-75. Do you agree or disagree that it is acceptable for women to have access to these leadership roles? Strongly or somewhat? (a) Member of a community development council. (b) Governor of a province. (c) CEO of a large company. (Percent who strongly or somewhat agree.) Source: The Asia Foundation

Questions raised on whether the success of the Afghan Women will be retained or lost had forced the activists to fight for this cause, and ensure that the Peace dialogues do not forget this important aspect.

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