world’s youngest Prime Minister

From the City Council to the Prime Minister; the story of the world’s youngest Prime Minister

  The election of a 5-year-old to the Finnish prime minister is not a unique event, but a continuation of the process of rejuvenation and increased participation of women in European government.

Media reported today that the Finnish Social Democratic Party has elected Transport Minister Sana Marin to replace him as prime minister after the resignation of Prime Minister Antineur.

Rineh, who headed the Finnish coalition government about six months ago, submitted his resignation to the Finnish president last week after internal divisions between the constituent parties escalated.

Marin, who will be the youngest prime minister in the world, will take over from Finland today. He was previously a member of parliament and was named in the council during the Mayoral elections in Tampere and served as chairman of the council from 2 to 5 years.

The new Finnish prime minister has a master’s degree in administrative sciences from Tampere University and has a young child. She was five years younger than her predecessor, saying earlier that she would not be offered a job if she ran for prime minister.

Marin has downplayed the importance of gender in his victory and said: “I never really thought about my age or gender.” The world’s youngest prime minister is now leading a coalition of four women politicians, four of whom are under the age of five.

Finland and other Nordic countries are leading the way in the presence of women in government. Finland’s first female prime minister was elected in year 5, with women constituting 5% of the new parliament.

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However, Finnish immigrant women and natives are discriminated against, and immigrant women are less likely to be employed than Finnish nationals. Immigrants make up 2 percent of the country’s population in the past year, and their numbers have increased in recent years. Citizens of Afghanistan, Russia, and Iraq make up the majority of immigrants residing in Finland.

Marin arrives at the Finnish prime minister amid a three-day strike that has halted production of some of Finland’s biggest companies. The Confederation of Industry of Finland has estimated the damage caused by the strike to be € 5 million.

Another challenge facing the world’s youngest prime minister from the first day of his chair is the Finnish presidency of the European Union by the end of this year. With less than a month to go before the end of Finland’s presidency, the country’s central role in trying to approve the new EU budget will make Marin’s job even harder.

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